KG Points explained

What is KG poitns and how to use your KG points?

Go to your shopping cart and click on "Use my KG Points"

Our website have this amazing KG points system and let you gain KG points when you purchase from us.

Our KG points ratio is 1000:1 , so that means 1000 KG points equal to 1 Australian Dollar. You can add KG points to any order in the shopping cart to receive discount, there is no fix amount to put in.

For example you gained 2500 KG points on previous purchase and now you want to make another purchase, simply use your 2500 KG points and apply it to your shopping cart you will then receive $2.5 Australian dollars off. So if you save up 50000 KG points you can purchase anything that on $50 Australian dollars for FREE!

So KG points = Discount , why don't you start shopping now?


Please note: Not all products will give or accept KG points.

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