Return Policy

All DIGITAL GOODS are STRICTLY non-returnable nor refundable after completed purchase. Once we send you the digital e-pin, the order is non-returnable nor refundable. However if the pin is error, you can lodge an investigate by emailing us.
Physical Goods :

If you are able to provide a receipt or other satisfactory proof of purchase, KenGamer may offer you a repair, exchange or refund if:
·       Goods are damaged or faulty through no fault of your own
·       Goods are supplied incorrectly

·       Goods vary from their description on the website (or any sample provided)

Please choose carefully as KenGamer will not provide you with a refund or exchange if you simply change your mind.
To obtain a repair, exchange or refund please return the goods to KenGamer. Any returning items are shipped at the owners risk and KenGamer will not take responsibility for any items that are lost or damaged due to the negligence or fault of a third party.
Please contact if you wish to return an order. You will receive instructions on how to return orders.
Please note that it may be necessary for us to return the goods to the manufacturer for testing in order to determine whether or not you are entitled to a repair, exchange or refund.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for return and testing to take place.

Can I change my order, or get a refund, I don't really want it anymore?

No, sorry. We understand that people change their mind, make the wrong choices etc. We put as much information on our site as possible, if you are not sure about something, feel free to ask us. The reason why we don't accept returns for non defective items is that we have nothing to do with them item once its returned! People don't seem to realise, that a modchip store with a return policy that allows people to send back non defective items, is a modchip store that sells 2nd hand products.

All KenGamer's stock is 100% new in the condition that we get them from the official people who make them. The only fingerprints on item are from the packer who has dispatched your item. This policy should give our customers the confidence that they are getting what they paid for.

What happens if my item is defective?

We will exchange items if they are faulty on delivery (DOA) to you and we are notified within 7 days of receiving the item. Electronics are definitely not made in heaven, so they do have a small failure rate. The user is responsible for return postage. DOA is the only warranty period available for international customers.

Defective within warranty period
All items have a warranty period, if it is not displayed on the page, then it is 3 months (for Australians only). If an item dies, we will replace it. We will only replace it if it is a manufacture defect, we will not replace a product that has been made dysfunctional via user error. The user is responsible for return postage costs to us, we will pay for posting the item back to you. Please don't just return the item, you need to contact us about it first! Quote your order number and give us a detailed description of the problem.

If you return an item that is working, we will send the item back after you have paid for return postage. Please make sure the error is not related to 3rd party products you are using.

If you return an item that is out of stock, we obviously cannot provide you with a replacement. Some options are: swapping it with a similar product, store credit.


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