R4i Silver SDHC Card for DSi/3DS

R4i Silver SDHC Card for DSi/3DS
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Price in reward points: 20000
Product Code: R4SDHCSILVER
KG Points (What is KG points?): 988
Note : This R4 Cartridge Card allowed you to store multiple games in one card as well as your musics, movies and documents that you owned. This is strictly for personal use only.
Suitable for : DSi and 3DS (But no 3D effect games on 3DS, you can only play DSi Games on your 3DS using this cartridge)
What included? : A R4 Cartridge, a USB stick card reader, a 8GB Micro SD card and the software that needed to run the R4 Card.
A little extra? : We can always put in more "files" for you by your request but we charge a flat service subscription fees on that. But you will get a full lifetime customer service and technical support over email or live chat. You will also have access to our download portal that you can download games and ROMs for free as a back up of your games.
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* Extra One-Time Lifetime Subscription?:

Fully customize R4i Card for your DSi and 3DS that can put up to 500 games (8GB memory)

You can have games packages for Girl, game packages for Boy or game packages for Adult.

288 in 1 for girls, 288 in 1 for boys, 366 in 1 for unisex or even 500 in 1 its all up to you can you can change them whenever you want!

Sign up to our Lifetime subscription to get all this benefit included instructions and a download portal FREE for lifetime!


Important : This is strictly for personal home use only product for you to keep your own back up games in one cartridge, your own photos, musics videos and movies!

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