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Real Money Auction House FAQ

1. Which real-money auction houses will I have access to? Region Locked question SOLVED!

Players have access to real-money auction houses in their “home” game region only, as determined by the country of residence registered to the player’s Battle.net account. In addition, players in certain countries may only have access to a subset of the real-money auction houses in their home game region. Players in all three game regions will have access to the gold-based auction house for the region in which they’re playing.
By default, the Diablo III auction house system will automatically determine the most appropriate real-money auction house for you and display that in the auction-house selection interface. Players interested in participating in auction houses for other currencies available to them (as determined by the country of residence register to their Battle.net account) can do so via an advanced feature in the game’s option menu.
To determine which real-money auction houses you have access to, refer to the table for your home region below.
The Americas  - home game region for players in North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia
Europe  - home game region for players in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, and Middle Eastern countries such as Israel and the United Arab Emirates

2. Which regions will have currency-based auction house support?


Diablo III’s servers are divided into three game regions -- The Americas, Europe, and Asia -- and each game region has its own set of separate real-money auction houses as follows:
  • The Americas: USD (U.S. Dollar), AUD (Australian Dollars), MXN (Mexican Pesos), BRL (Brazilian Real), CLP (Chilean Peso), ARS (Argentine Peso)
  • Europe: EUR (Euro), GBP (Pound Sterling), RUB (Ruble)
  • Asia: No real-money auction houses at launch

3. Will there be separate auction houses in each region? Will I be allowed to bid on items from players outside my own region?

Due to various factors, including technology, language, and currency, there will be multiple separate auction houses serving different player communities around the world. We'll share specific details on how the auction houses will work for each region as we get closer to launch.

4. If I live in Australia/New Zealand/Southeast Asia, what server will I play Diablo III on?

Diablo III players in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia will, by default, connect to the Americas region. By connecting to this region, players will have a wider pool of people to play with and access to a more vibrant and active auction house marketplace. Further details on regional connection options and auction house functionality will be posted at www.diablo3.com prior to release.

5. How does this impact the items I have purchased in the auction house?

Auction house purchases are bound to the servers in the region in which they're bought. Any items acquired on game servers in the Americas region are bound to those servers and are not transferrable to the servers in Europe or Asia (and vice versa). Please keep this in mind when making purchases in the auction house. We’ll release more details on the auction house functionality prior to the game’s release.

6. What currencies will be available? What currency will items in the auction house be viewed in? Can players purchase items using local credit cards or bank accounts?

Our goal is to make the auction house experience in each region as seamless as possible for players, and we are currently exploring various currency and payment options to help achieve that goal. We'll provide further details as we get closer to launch.

Other FAQ regarding to Diablo 3 please visit http://sea.battle.net/support/en/games/diablo3

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